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Community & Help

The Pext community can be found on Matrix (, Telegram (@PextTool) or IRC (#pext on OFTC IRC). All these channels are connected, so use whatever you prefer. For beginners, unless you already have a Telegram account, we recommend Matrix.

Feel free to stop by for questions, tips or just a friendly chat with other users.

You may also ask for support on Twitter.

Chat via Matrix Chat via Telegram Chat via IRC

Donations & Merchandise

Pext is completely developed in my spare time.

If you like this project, donations are very welcome and I would be very grateful for them.

You can also buy stickers and other merch through RedBubble. Pext receives 20% of the sale price.

As Pext has no real infrastructural costs, I'll mostly use these for personal expenses.

If you'd like to donate in another way, please contact me.

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